Wondering How Much Is A DJ for A Wedding?

When it comes to figuring out how much is a DJ for a wedding, it can be an extremely daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Ultimately, the cost of the DJ that plays at your wedding is going to depend on the following factors.

Duration of The Event – If you only need a DJ to play at your wedding reception for an hour, than you might be able to get away with only spending a hundred (possibly more) dollars on booking them. If you’re looking for a DJ to perform at your wedding reception for 5 hours, than you better get out your check book because that’s not going to be cheap, no matter what quality of DJ you’re hiring. Booking a DJ for an event that long will put you upwards of a 1000 dollars, probably even more.

How Far They Need To Travel – The distance that you’re DJ needs to travel to get to your reception can greatly affect the cost of the booking. I mean think about it, if you’re DJ only has to walk across the street to the venue, than they’re not going to charge you much, if anything for travel. On the contrary, if they’re driving a hundred miles, they’re going to factor that into the cost of the booking. This factor really changes how much is a DJ for a wedding prices.

Quality of The DJ –¬†Sure, you could find a DJ on Craigslist or at the local college / high school, but the quality of that DJ and their equipment is more than likely going to be subpar. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find a quality DJ in those places, it’s just going to be more difficult than it is to find a DJ through a reputable company like Book The Beat, that has a huge directory of reputable DJs. If you go ahead and book a DJ from Craigslist, you may find yourself only paying a couple of hundred dollars for the whole event, but they may be showing up to your reception with an iPod dock as their speakers. Ideally, before booking a DJ, you should ask them what type of equipment they have, or even better, to send you a photo of their setup.

These are the main factors that are going effect the total cost of booking a DJ for your special event. There are other minor factors, but none of them are going to drastically change the price like the ones noted above. Hiring a cheap DJ is one of many wedding ideas on a budget. Good luck on your search and always remember, quality, quality, quality!


How To Make Your Wedding Reception Special

These days, there are many assorted traditions linked to receptions we regularly forget what they are about. Have you ever thought about, what truly makes your wedding celebration? Is it the food and refreshments, the music being played, the first dance along with your spouse or perhaps the beautiful centrepieces? Once you organize your wedding dinner, make certain you remember all the important things that you need, including:

wedding reception party

Drink Hour

The thing with regards to the beverage hour is the fact the bride and groom get to talk with their family and friends once they enter into the venue. This is where because you just got hitched really settles in and you’ll share that happiness operating your loved ones over the nice vino or two, champagne, or whatever form of beverage you like. Be sure to help make time for everyone who came out to guide you, on your big day and say hello, smiles goes a considerable ways.

Seating Assignments

Usually, following your beverage hour your guests will lineup making use of their drinks and wait in line to have their seat arrangement cards. Be sure you carefully think your seating arrangements prior to the wedding reception. You don’t want that you feel uncomfortable for your wedding ceremony. Sit divorced couples, feuding family members and other people who does not get along far from the other person. This is your wedding day and you do not require an intoxicated relative ruining that to suit your needs when it is so very easily avoidable. If you have buddies, attempt to sit them with the other person. Odds are, your buddies from college don’t want to spend their night sitting next to your grandma.

Food Selection

Not everybody going to the wedding ceremony will enjoy the same varieties of foods, so make sure to select a range of several foods to consume. It’s best to have a very choice of meats, fish or even a vegan dish. Preferably, you should send out menu cards 3-4 months before your wedding so that you will use a better idea as to what varieties of foods you need to serve.

Champagne Toast

Toasts differ from wedding party to wedding ceremony. Occasionally it’s the best man who increases the first toast and other times the dad of the new bride may choose to be the man of the hour and give his toast first. Figure this out before the wedding to ensure that you don’t possess anyone stepping on one anothers toes. Remember, it’s your night, you desire it to be special.

Couples First Dance

This has become the biggest moment of the night, your big first dance using your now partner. Choose a song that is special and meaningful towards the the two of you. Most times, you will already know beforehand what song you would like your first dance to get to. Don’t forget, in case you are the shy type, it’s completely fine to skip over this part with the reception. It occurs more frequently than you think it will!

Song Choice

Hey, this goes hand in hand together with the first dance, sort of. Be sure you book a DJ or band that gets the type of music you are into which enable it to really have the visitors on their feet dancing. Better yet, your entertainer brings lights to actually make for an incredible wedding celebration!

Cutting The Cake!

If you would like to maintain it conventional, the bride is the one that holds the wedding cake cutter and also the groom places his pay hers. If you’re the kind of couple who loves to use a good time, you can each grab a few cake pieces and press it in the other person’s faces.

Hiring DJs for Parties

Hiring DJs for parties doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can actually be really fun finding a good DJ for your special event. A party just isn’t a party without some live music at it, and nobody does live party music better than a DJ does. So, you’re probably sitting there now wondering how exactly do I find a good DJ to play music at my party? I have a few suggestions and tips that can be used as guidelines for finding a great DJ for your party!

djs for parties

Search Online

I’m sure you’ve thought of this one, but have you actually brought up Google, or whatever your favorite search engine is and start looking for DJs. There are a lot of great companies out there that allow you to hire DJs securely through their website. Not only can you hire a DJ securely, but you can also read reviews that other individuals wrote about the DJs, listen to some samples of their music and some of them even upload videos! One site where you can find a ton of DJs is BookTheBeat.com. They have a large selection of DJs for all types of events ranging from Weddings, Proms, Parties and everything in between. They’re worth looking at when it comes time to hire a DJ.

Ask Friends and Family

This one’s a no brainer, but seriously, have you thought about asking your friends or family for suggestions? Chances are that somebody in your family has gotten married recently and can recommend a great entertainer for your event. You may have even been in attendance and thought just how great the live music was at the event. If something is sticking in your mind, you should definitely ask your family and friends to see if they can recommend anyone. You never know, you might just find the DJ that you’ve been looking for by simply calling one of your relatives! If that’s not a piece of cake, I don’t know what is!

See If Your Venue Can Recommend Someone

If your renting out a venue for your party or whatever special event it may be, chances are they ¬†have a huge list of past entertainers who perform regularly at their venue. There’s not many places for DJs to look for work, so it’s no surprise that one of the biggest spots they look for work is at venues in their area. If the venue likes the way the DJ performed, they’ll recommend them to new customers. If you haven’t asked your venue yet, it’s a good idea to give them a call and see if they can help you out with locating a DJ for your party.


Before you start searching for a DJ, you should set a budget for yourself. In doing this, you can weed out DJs that you’re not able to afford and just look for DJs in your price range. This will eliminate a ton searching that’ll need to be done. DJs can start as low as a few hundred dollars and go upwards of thousands. A lot of times, you get what you pay for, but ultimately, the choice is in your hands.

DJs Equipment

I can’t stress this one enough. You really need to ask your DJ what type of equipment they own and will be bringing to your party. You may think you’re getting a great deal on a $300 DJ, only to find out that they show up to your wedding with an iPod dock. Professional DJs will have lighting and sound systems that most likely cost them thousands and thousands of dollars. Even better than asking what they have, you should really ask them to send you photos of their equipment. This is why booking a DJ online is a great idea. A lot of the sites you can book them on allow the DJs to upload images, and most of them upload images of their setup.

Song List

This is probably the biggest thing you’ll need to consider. If you want your DJ to play all of the latest hip-hop music at your party, but they only play country music, you’ll be pretty upset the day of your special event. A lot of DJs will allow you to provide them with music of your choice. So, if you find a DJ you really want to hire, but they don’t play the type of music you’re looking for, you can always ask them if you can provide them with the music. I’d bet that almost all of them will say yes and gladly play the music of your choice. If not, you’ll just have to keep looking!

This article is a great starting point when you’re trying to find a good DJ for your event. It’s definitely not an end all be all, but if you’re completely lost when it comes to hiring a DJ, following these guidelines will definitely have you headed in the right direction. Good luck in your search and I hope you find the entertainer you’ve always dreamed of!

How Much Does A DJ Cost

Ever wondered how much does a DJ cost?

In this post I’m going to tell you how much you should pay for a DJ and how much does a DJ cost. The price for DJ can vary greatly, dependent upon many factors, including the type of event, length of the performance and the DJ who is performing at the event. All of these factors will play a role in the final cost of the DJ for your event.

Does Your DJ Have Good Equipment?

You probably didn’t think of this one, did you? You’re searching on the internet and find a DJ that is only going to cost a couple hundred dollars, but you when they pull up to your event in a run down mini van with an iPod dock, you’ll surely be second guessing your decision to book a subpar DJ. You need to make sure that when you’re looking for a DJ you find out what type of equipment they are using, or even better, ask them to send you a photo of their setup so that you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Type of Event

Why should the type of event matter? Well, if the DJ is showing up to place for 5 individuals at a corporate event, they probably don’t even need to bring half of the equipment that they typically use. However, if it’s a large wedding that they’re gearing up for, they’re going to need to bring everything they have with them and maybe even some more. This is something that you shouldn’t look over. If you think you’re going to have a wedding with 500 people, and pay a DJ 100 for 5 hours, you’re just being unrealistic and you’re going to be let down.


You might be able to get a good deal on an 18 year old high school student who is just looking to DJ a few events for some extra money on the weekends, but the quality of the DJ and the equipment will probably be subpar. I can’t stress enough how important it is to really consider what you’re getting for your money. If you want your special night, party, or event to be that much better, than you better fork up the extra money and hire an experience DJ. Some DJs out there have been doing what they do for decades and this will really show when it comes time for your event. Don’t get stuck with a DJ who hasn’t even DJ’ed an event in their life and wonder why they weren’t as good as they lead you to believe. This type of thing happens all the time and you really need to look out for it.

I’ve just touched on a few of the factors that effect the price of a DJ, but these are a few of the biggest ones. There are a lot of other minor things out there that may effect the total cost, but just keep these ones in mind.